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Melissa Perry
Collingswood, NJ
Website: www.melissaperrysoprano.com
Phone: 856-858-6616
Email: melisma@earthlink.net

Expertise/Specialty: Creating a solid foundation, giving direction to new college graduates, retraining advanced singers who feel stuck, children
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock
Education: B.M. Westminster Choir College, M.M. Temple University, Professional Study with Maestro Vittorio Rosetta of Italy
Memberships/Affiliations: NATS, AGMA

I love working with students of all ages and all levels, from beginners to professionals. My students have won major competitions, scholarships, entered leading conservatories, sung in major opera houses and on Broadway. I teach a voice technique that is oriented towards breath support and resonance discovered through pronunciation. I have taught for 15 years. During the last 4 years, I have done extensive studies with master voice teacher, Maestro Vittorio Rosetta, of Italy. This Italian based training is helpful to any singer as a solid foundation and for vocal longevity. I am good at articulating clear understanding of voice production and I am a strong advocate of students understanding and maintaining vocal health. I have also developed a technique using Pilates based ideas that link dance and voice technique together, thus taking the mystery out of singing for dancers and giving a practical knowledge that they can rely on. My students are all performing! Their main comments are "Now I sing with so much more ease" and "Can it really be this simple?" The answer is yes it can and should be simple. When the technique is simple and you can rely on it, you'll sing with a heart full of joy!


Natalie Megules
Hamilton, NJ
Website: www.nataliemegules.com
Phone: 609-575-6484
Email: natalie@nataliemegules.com

Expertise/Specialty: Opera Performer in NYC/ Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, freeing the body, acting technique, beginning students of all ages, improving self-confidence.
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Other
Education: B.M., Vocal Performance, Westminster Choir College

I grew up with a fervent love of music and have performed nearly every genre of music, from jazz cabarets with my father/pianist, to musicals, choral and orchestral pieces, and, in my adult years, opera. I enjoy passing that passion along to my students.

When I teach, my first focus is always on the free, clear, healthy use of the instrument. I use a great deal of physicality to break down tension in the body, which usually generates a good deal of laughter! My strong acting background informs my use of acting techniques to guide my students in breaking down their pieces into beats and intention, as they would in a spoken monologue. My students perform with a free and clear instrument while telling a story, having some fun, and achieving a more confident view of themselves.

Most importantly, I focus on a gentle and positive approach. The voice is a unique instrument because it is part of the person as a whole. I create an encouraging and nurturing environment while holding my students to the highest level of artistry and musical technique. I received my B.M. in Voice Performance from Westminster Choir College, with minor concentrations in Musical Theatre and Arts Management. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to singing with you.


Rebecca Thompson-Galecki
Jersey City, NJ
Website: www.classicalsinger.net/rebecca_thompson-galecki
Phone: 626-644-8625
Email: singbeckysing@gmail.com

Expertise/Specialty: I specialize in Classical vocal technique.
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Other
Education: M.M. in voice performance, Northwestern University:
B.M. Voice performance, Chicago School of the Performing Arts, Roosevelt University: AIMS 2X,
Memberships/Affiliations: NATS

I help find the ultimate natural resonance to each individual voice through support and proper resonance. The voice resonates most naturally with a high soft palate and a relaxed larynx to produce a spinning and connected sound. I have a very sensitive ear and am very intuitive. My students do very well with me and often get leading roles and get accepted into competitive programs.


Patrizia Cioffi
Montclair, NJ
Website: www.joyofsingingnj.com
Phone: 973-744-9170
Email: patriziaci@aol.com

Expertise/Specialty: Voice Training
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Other
Education: Bachelor of Music, Mount Holyoke College. Extensive professional voice training and performance NYC The Juilliard, Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Covent Garden. All styles.
Memberships/Affiliations: National Association of Teachers of Singing, National Association fo Music Teachers, Voice Foundation

A seasoned full-time voice teacher and vocal technician, I teach the elements of healthy and correct singing and performance practices to aspiring and professional singers, actors, announcers, and voice professionals of all ages, levels and backgrounds. I coach a vast repertory of musical genres and render a sequential and solid vocal technique which facilitate easy high notes, a full middle voice, and an even and broad range of vocal color and projection. I work with singers in vocal transition, transgender singers and am experienced in solving vocal problems. Instruction is deeply rooted in the classical Italian bel canto style effective for all genres of singing.

I have practiced in NYC and have a private practice in Montclair, NJ and hold faculty positions in two adult and private school environments and have taught in music conservatories, community schools, at Mount Holyoke College, the Lucy Moses School, the Ansonia Hotel,NYC and the New School for the Arts/New Jersey Opera Institute of which I served as teacher and executive director for nearly two decades, acquiring a rich background in the vocal and performing arts. l have studied under several of the past century's legendary leaders in the vocal arts in the United States and in Europe including Stella, Corelli, Patane and Shirley. A classical singer, I have performed extensively.

A student centered and can do environment, my pedagogical goals are to instill in singers a sense of know-how and the joy of singing. I offer private and group lessons and performance opportunities to qualified amateur and professional singers. Rates vary according to the length of recommended lesson time. Discounts are available.


Christie Harrington
West Orange, NJ
New York, NY
Media, PA

Website: www.christievoice.com
Phone: 201-207-6286
Email: harngton@gmail.com

Expertise/Specialty: Singing Teacher for 40+ years: Voice Building and Repairing
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Sacred, Musical Theatre
Education: BA-Vocal Performance, Music History, MM-Vocal Performance
Memberships/Affiliations: National Association of Teachers of Singing

Christie has been teaching voice for over forty years. She actively performed for thirty-eight years. She teaches individuals as well as groups. She has conducted college and church choirs. She has taught courses in Vocal Pedagogy and teaches courses in Diction for both Singers and Actors. To greater understand how body functioning can improve the voice and reduce tension, Christie studies and teaches "Body Work." Believing that communication of dramatic ideas is at the core of any successful performance, she has also studied acting, movement and performance enhancement techniques.

Each singer is a unique individual. The sound they make and the ideas they communicate are as unique as they are. My job is to help a singer find "their voice" through exercises that accommodate aural, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. These exercises lead to healthy singing and reduce tension, improve breath management, strengthen the voice, and increase range. I am a proponent of the use of body work to improve mind/body connections. I embrace a wide range of quality repertoire in many languages and styles. I encourage and assist in my student's selection of a variety of appropriate arias and songs: sacred, secular, and popular. I believe that for a singer to reach their highest potential they must feel safe, secure, and valued. The best performances come from knowing what you do well, while continuing to strengthen weaknesses.


Nicholas Hay
Rahway, NJ
239 Central Ave, Apt # 314
Rahway, NJ 07065
Website: www.nicholashay.com
Phone: 609-577-6773
Email: nickhay32@gmail.com

Expertise/Specialty: Opera, Art Song, Choral Technique, Low Notes
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre
Education: MM in voice from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
Memberships/Affiliations: AGMA

Welcome to my voice studio! I look forward to meeting you, having fun and growing through music.

My philosophy is to inspire people and to help them be open to the wonderful world of music and the voice. I use my considerable teaching and performing experience, a little humor and positive reinforcement to make singing an uplifting and nurturing experience. As a teacher I take pride in turning students on to music.

In a typical lesson, we spend half the lesson vocalizing to help build the students technique and half the lesson on repertoire. I assign songs and arias that I know will be valuable for the individual, and also songs that students would like to work on.

For rates and scheduling please email me at nickhay32@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form. Lessons are currently offered on Zoom or Facetime due to Covid-19.


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